MBBS from Russia: Scope, What To Do and Value of Degree

scope o mbbs from russia and life after degree value

MBBS from Russia: Scope and What To Do After the Degree

I am sure you might be still in your deciding phase whether to go abroad for studying MBBS or not. And during your research you might be asking questions like is going to Russia for MBBS a good decision or not? Is there any scope in India after doing MBBS from any foreign country?

I do understand this question arises in someone’s mind who’d like to invest his or her 6 years in a foreign land studying MBBS. And that is not just the time but the parent’s hard earned money as well. A lot of students think, what can I do next in India after completing an MBBS in Russia? 

I’ll definitely answer that but let me tell you friends, that being a part of one of the most renowned medical institute for screening test, we’ve have the inside knowledge and experiences of the students.  And with that we’ve created this place to let you know what the life is after MBBS from abroad or any other country. And what’s the scope for the Indian students who have completed their MBBS from abroad.

Having said that, I would tell you, if the decision was good or not or what’s the scope for you after you have completed your studies. Earlier, I have shared the problems as a student; you would be facing in Russia while doing MBBS. You can read that here difficulties and Problems Faced by Indian students in Russia during MBBS course.
And now in this article, I am going to give you all that information. So, at this point, if you’re looking for life after the studying MBBS in Russia, then you reached the right spot.

Life and scope after doing MBBS From Russia and Ukraine

After working hard for 6 years, you faced all the problems and studied hard to earn the degree. Now what’s the Scope in India after doing MBBS from Russia? You cannot do internship in India as internship of one year is done in Russia only but you can practice in India after completion of MBBS from Russia.

MCI Screening Test (FMG Exam)

First of all, if you would like to practice medicine in India, you must qualify for the MCI screening test. As the MCI examination for foreign medical graduate is the mandatory examination that all medical graduates from foreign land in medicine have to pass. If you are not aware about the MCI exam, let me provide you with the details.

Medical Council of India Screening Test, which is also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations in India. This examination is one of the mandatory requirements for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a medical college outside India, in order to practice medicine in India.

In short, Indian doctors holding basic medical degrees from any country have to take the MCI screening test. The Medical School should have been listed in the WHO international directory of Medical Schools. This examination is held twice in year in June and December on the third Monday and Tuesday of the month.

Why A lot of Foreign Medical Students Fail MCI Exam?

As per the survey, around 80 % of foreign medical graduate fail their first MCI exam attempt. Yes, if you will not start your preparations from first year, then they can be problems. And what are these problems? As the course structure would be same in both the countries for MBBS, however there would be some cases or topics that are focused on the country specific diseases. This is why majority of foreign medical graduates from countries like Russia, Ukraine and even China would flunk or fail in their first MCI exam.

Therefore, without passing this exam your MBBS degree from Russia, will not hold any value at least in India. This is why, preparation of passing his exam should be done right from the first year itself.

What to do?

So, what can you do apart from preparing yourself from the first year itself. Go for online FMGE coaching while, you’re still in your first year. Concentrate on your studies more than the social activities like Games, Extra-curricular activities, Social life with your friends, and other distractions that can be really problematic for you after coming back to India.

And life is not those six years, you have to come back to your own country and become a successful doctor, because this is for what you have gone to a foreign land, investing your parent’s hard earned money.

And now I’ll be talking to the parents that if you feel that your child is not that responsible enough to go to a foreign country and study MBBS then please do not allow him or decide for MBBS abroad package.

This is because during those 6 years students will not focus on their studies and even the coaching for FMGE and once they return back, it becomes extremely hard for them to clear the exam.

In this case, the MBBS degree from Russia or any other country will not hold any value, as I mentioned. However, I do not want to dishearten you, if you fail in the first attempt, you can take coaching for 6 months and then reappear for the examination. If still you’re not able to pass it, take the examination again after 6 months and prepare for the examination. You may enrol in a good MCI Screening coaching institute to help you prepare better.

So, what is the life after MBBS studying in Russia for Indian students then?

Now what if they can’t clear the MCI exam in India, what can they do the equivalent exam for countries like USA, Germany, UK and other countries but the point is if the student is not able to clear the FMG exam in India, how the student would clear the other country specific equivalent examination as well.

I this case, the medical graduate can start your own private clinic and I am sure that would call for a lot of financial load on parents.

But When you pass the MCI Exam?

What if you are able to pass the MCI exam. Doesn’t matter how brilliant or mediocre as a student you were in the Medical University in Russia, Ukraine or any other foreign country but if you can pass the MCI exam, you are good to go. You can go ahead and practice in India and take up a government hospital job. And also you can go ahead and sit for NEET PG exam. From here onwards, your lie would be as you and your parents wanted.

This is the right career path that all the medical aspirants think of. Right? And this why many parents send their kids to foreign countries to study MBBS. Yes, whenever parents decide that they would arrange the money and would send their child for 6 years, it’s the great future that they think of.

Parents have this notion that once he/she earns the degree from MBBS abroad, they can come back and practice in India. However, the journey is difficult as becoming a doctor is not a piece of cake my friends. You have to work hard, and give your blood and sweat everyday and focussing on your course. And that makes you a successful doctor.

Is going to Russia MBBS a good decision?

Here I’ll be also telling you that when a student appeared for NEET examination if he has got average marks when you can understand how as a student the person is therefore those students should focus a lot in their MBBS course. Having said that, I would suggest that MBBS from abroad is a good option for those students, who’ve got good marks in NEET and are dedicated enough to concentrate on their studies.

But even if you have got only the qualifying marks in NEET, but has the willpower and dedication to study abroad, I’ll suggest that you go and study MBBS abroad. There will be problems and difficulties and they are just a part and parcel of moving to a new country.

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