MBBS in Ukraine: Eligibility, Fee Structure, Pros and Cons and Procedure

MBBS in Ukraine: Eligibility, Fee Structure, Pros and Cons and Procedure

With the increasing competition in India to become a doctor, more and more students and parents are looking towards to foreign countries to study MBBS. And when it comes to studying MBBS from abroad, MBBS in Ukraine is a favourite destination for many parents and students. In this article at our blog, MBBS Sahayata, I am going to share everything right from the eligibility, cost, advantages, disadvantages and the complete procedure that takes place when you take admission in MBBS in Ukraine. While a lot of students would go through educational Consultant or Agents who would seek admissions for them in the concerning top medicine universities in Ukraine. Having said that, you must always choose someone reliable, when it comes to admission in MBBS University in Ukraine.

Still if you have doubts about Which medical university provides best medical education in Ukraine?, I would also advise you to go through the list of the best MCI approved MBBS colleges in Ukraine of 2019-20.

Because if you are taking admission for MBBS in Ukrainian universities, the first thing you must look for is whether the Universities and colleges are MCI approved or not. This holds true if you would like to do internship in India from MBBS from abroad.

Let me first take you through to the advantages of studying MBBS from abroad in country like Ukraine.

Benefits of MBBS from Ukraine for Indian students

While the cost of MBBS in Ukraine is comparatively lower than Indian private medical colleges. And considering the extreme competition in India, MBBS colleges in foreign destinations are appropriate. Here’re some of the advantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine.

Quality of education and the infrastructure in Ukraine medical colleges are top-notch and world class.

Other than that the government is always willing to help the universities to get the best in terms of research and financial situations.

Cost of living and Accommodation is comparatively lower in Ukraine.

There are no donations required that can increase cost to study or study budget for students taking admissions and that hold true for even the cheapest medical colleges in Ukraine.

Moreover, the extracurricular activities and beautiful sprawling campuses are another key highlight of Ukrainian medical colleges for Indian students.

Students pursuing MBBS or other courses are timely encouraged to take part in seminars, conferences and other activities which build their confidence and increases the overall quality learning.

Most of the Government and Private medical universities of Ukraine have been recognised by the Medical Councils all across the globe and here I am talking about WHO, MCI, UNESCO, FAIMER to name some.

What to Do After Doing MBBS from Ukraine

As Indian students, once we get back to India after 6 year of MBBS in Ukraine, the first thing that we would do is to pass the MCI’s FMG Examination. This exam allows you to practice medicine in India and to be eligible for the NEET PG examination.

Therefore, to do the internship in India after MBBS in Ukraine you have to study hard. The value of MBBS from Ukraine in India is same like most of the other foreign countries, unless you pass MCI’s exam.

In Ukraine Medical Universities, the medium of instruction is English which makes it much easier for Indian students to understand and adapt to the study environment. Hence, if you were confused which is the language you will be taught in, then you will have MBBS in Ukraine in English.

As the medical colleges of Ukraine offer high quality and class education it makes the students qualified enough to practice anywhere in the world, this is the key advantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a part of Europe now, this is why, you would be regarded as someone who has done MBBS from a European country. This also open you multiple scope on applying for jobs all over the world in countries like Canada, US, UK, France and many more.

So these are some of the advantages and benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine now in the last segment I’ll be talking about the disadvantages. Simply, because they aren’t much and we need to focus on good things first. After all, it’s our career that we need to shape.

First let’s check the eligibility criteria for Indian students to take part in MBBS courses in Ukrainian Government and private universities.

MBBS in Ukraine: Eligibility Criteria for Indian students

Getting admissions in MBBS courses in the renowned medical universities in Ukraine is very easy as compared with Indian colleges. Let’s check MBB in Ukraine eligibility for Indian students.

There is no examination or competitive test that students have to pass to secure a seat for them.

This is why, there is direct admission for willing students. To take admission in MBBS courses in Ukraine, the Indian students must fulfil the below mentioned criteria.

Age Limit: You should complete age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year you are seeking Admission.

Aspiring students must obtain 50% marks in 12th standard from Science stream.

The main subjects should have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in CBSE or any other equivalent Board of Education or Examination.

Now the important points to note here is as per the latest regulation issued by MCI, Medical Council of India, all the Aspiring students taking admissions in foreign medical universities must appear for NEET examination and should qualify it, in order to come back to India and appear for the FMG Exam, also known as MCI Exam.

Therefore, students please note that, after earning MBBS degree in Ukraine and to pursue or practice MBBS, NEET is mandatory.

Cost of MBBS in Ukraine: Expenses

Now, you know about the advantages, eligibility of studying medicine in Ukraine, but the most important point is the cost, the fee structure or total budget as we call it. This is what our parents are mostly concerned with.

MBBS in Ukraine is a good option for a lot of Indian students to study in MCI approved Medical Colleges. The low cost fee structure is what lures many Indian students. I am going to talk about the cost of studying MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students or who would like to take admission in Ukraine medical colleges.

The cost of study in Ukraine for MBBS is in budget for a lot of Indian students as there are cheap Ukrainian medical universities which are also MCI approved. This is the reason why Ukraine has become the latest popular study destination for Indian students for high quality education. So, if you are wondering is it good to study medicine in Ukraine? Then it’s YES.

Several top Ukraine medical colleges offer affordable MBBS for Indian/ foreign students. This is why if you are wondering what is the value of MBBS from Ukraine? Then students, you’re fulfilling your and your parents dream with getting high class education at low cost.

To study medicine in Ukraine, on an average you have to spend somewhere between 20 to 25 Lakhs, for 6 years term in Ukraine colleges.  Therefore, the cheapest MBBS in Ukraine will cost you around 2.5-3 Lakhs an year. In such affordable yet renowned medical universities of Ukraine, the total cost of MBBS course would be 20 Lakhs. Expect the lowest package of MBBS in Ukraine to be around 18-20 Lakhs for not so popular universities.

You do not have to pay the entire amount in full, but for one year there would be around 3 Lakhs that you have to spend. Moreover, in Ukraine MBBS universities, there is a system of paying semester wise fees at the University. So, that also makes it easier to manage and arrange for the funds.

You can even apply for education loan to study MBBS abroad. I will go in detail on this topic in my next post so you get a clear idea. If you’ve queries then, you can surely mail me at mbbssahayata@gmail.com.

Now, I will also be talking about the fee structure of the top MBBS colleges.

MBBS in Ukraine Fee Structure of Top Universities

Tuition fee 1-6 year Hostel/Mess/Food Miscellaneous
Vinnitsa National Medical University 5000 USD 2000 USD
Bogomolets National Medical University 4500 USD 2000 USD
Kyiv Medical University 6000 USD 2000 USD
Ternopil State Medical University 4200 USD 2000 USD
Black Sea National Medical University 4000 USD 2000 USD
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University 4300 USD 2000 USD
Sumy State University 4000 USD 2000 USD
Lviv National Medical University 5000 USD 2000 USD
Zaporozhye State Medical University 4500 USD 2000 USD
Bukovinian State Medical University 4000 USD 2000 USD
Please note that USD equals to the current dollar to INR rate. There can also be some additional charges and expenses.

Now let’s check the procedure of MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine: Admission Procedure and Requirements

Once you have decided to study abroad in Ukraine for medicine, the next step is would you take the admission. If you would like to take admission through any agent or directly. Honestly going through an educational consultancy would be better as doing everything on your own can be a bit hectic. Having said that, the consultant will charge some amount on getting everything done on your behalf. It’s still better than doing everything by you.

But, be aware that there are several agents and consultants, who can charge you excessive amounts and can also push you to get admission in universities which may not be that good. So please know that decide wisely.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Ukraine

Here, are the requirements to study MBBS in Ukraine

  • 10th Mark sheet (Scanned Copy)
  • 12th Mark sheet (Scanned Copy)
  • School Leaving Certificate (Scanned Copy)
  • Passport (Scanned Copy)

If you haven’t applied for a passport yet the first thing you have to do is to apply for a passport. Then, comes reserving your seat in the in Ukraine in which you would like to take admission.

For that you would have to fill up an application form. If you are going through any consultancy, then they will do that for you. The documents stated above will be required for the application form.

Once the university gets your application, it will issue a letter of confirmation of admission or invitation letter.

Once you have received the invitation/ confirmation / offer letter from the university, the next step is to apply for visa for at least 18 months. (Consultant will also do that for you, please talk to him in advance and make sure)

After the visa application, just have to book the tickets and fly to Ukraine. (This is also consultant’s job, after all you’re paying him/her for the services)

At the university, pay our own fee. This is something that I will recommend. Do not give the Fee payment to agent, rather pay yourself.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Ukraine

Considering the advantages of studying in Ukraine for MBBS, the benefits are far more than the disadvantages. Now let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine.

When you have chosen to study MBBS in Ukraine, the advantages you might be aware of. But just like every coin has two sides, every field has some advantages and disadvantages. So to know about the pros and cons of studying MBBS in Ukraine you must know these facts as well.

While you are moving to a new country, where the weather is cold as compared to India, it will take a while for you to adapt yourself.

Food is yet another thing that many Indian students complaint about in their Reviews. But as it’s a foreign country, you have to manage that. You can either cook food in the hostel where kitchens are provided or go for universities where Indian mess is also there.

Even though there are hundreds of Indian students already there, you can still long for your country and parents.

Even though most of the Ukraine Urban population speak English perfectly there are some Suburban or remote Areas where the language is not popular.

You would have to adapt to a new culture but people in general are very friendly.

So apart from that, there is nothing that should stop you from taking admissions medical universities in Ukraine. These were the Ukraine MBBS disadvantages and honestly, there aren’t which you can’t overcome or deal with. Therefore it would be better if you choose the top Medical College in Ukraine and go with your studies with sharp focus.

Clearly it is not easy decision for Indian students and parents for abroad however, when you are given options to study MBBS in Abroad at low and affordable cost, most of the parents and students should go for.

To fulfil your dream, you can go through the pros and cons of studying MBBS in abroad from different countries. So every country and University has its own pros and cons, which you have to go through and then decide. Even if you are willing to go for a low cost MBBS in abroad University to study MBBS in Ukraine University then make sure that it should be MCI approved.

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