Problems Faced by Indian Students Doing MBBS from Russia

Problems Faced by Indian Students doing MBBS from Russia 

Due to the extreme competition in India for medical seats, a lot of parents and students would take a decision of doing MBBS from abroad. For this, the popular countries to study medicine are Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many others. But like any other decision, this is a crucial step taken to secure future in the medical field. While many agents and consultants will only tell you about the good things, but will seamlessly ignore about the problems faced by Indian students who pursue MBBS from abroad.

Life is not as easy or smooth as it seems. Yes, like every coin have two sides. Studying medicine from abroad also has its own share of pros and cons. We have already told you the advantages that you get while studying MBBS from Russia. However, what about the disadvantages or the problems faced by Indian students in countries like Russia. In this article at MBBS Sahayata, I am going to tell you about that.

Problems and Challenges for Indian Students doing MBBS from Russia 

But you might be knowing, who are we? How do we get this knowledge, what is the credibility of this? Well, we are a part of a leading MCI screening Institute, we are frequently in touch with the students, where they reveal a lot about their life and what they have to go though in those 6 years abroad.

It calls for some good experiences, while some are not that good honestly. The problems that they have faced while studying medicine in Russia or any other country abroad. 

So let us point out the common problems Indian students face during their stay in Russia for MBBS study. Hope, knowing this information about some of the facts of studying MBBS in Russia will help you out.

Course Language

As you’re going to a new country, you can’t expect people to speak English or Hindi entirely. Even in India, everyone can’t speak Hindi or English, regional languages are there. So, this primary barrier would be language problem, that a lot of students face while studying MBBS from Russia. For this, you have to learn Russian in order to interact with the teachers and patients during your internship.

If someone is claiming that your entire course will be in English, that is not entirely true. Yes, there are Russian Medical Universities that teach you in English for the entire 6 years term, but fees for such universities is pretty high.

There are bilingual universities where you would be taught 3 years in English and the remaining term in Russian. And during the first years you will be taught the Russian language. So eventually Russian will become your primary language of instructions.  I would say that learning a new language is difficult but you can get benefit in the long term.

So, you have to analyse, whether you are comfortable enough to learn the language or not.

Approved Universities

I have seen that parents and students have been fooled to take admission in those universities which are not given MCI approved status. And due to lack of knowledge, parents and students did not even enquire about that. Therefore, if your dream of becoming a doctor does not end in Russia, then go to the MCI Approved Universities of Russia. Best way is to go to MCI approved Russian medical universities and then you can come back to India, and then pass MCI exam to practice in a government hospital.

The agent tells you that the university is reputed and the so and so facilities are there but that may not be entirely true. Therefore, do check and confirm the information from the first source and that is the University or the Consultants who’ve direct contract.


Food is different for every country and it’s one of the priority issues that Indian students have. This is why, we’ve seen, that a lot of students spend their 6 years of living without proper Indian food. The problem can be even worse for the vegetarian students. You must also know some basic cooking and take the utensils and cookwares, that will help you to cook food in the hostel kitchens.


While some students may like it some Indian students will find cold temperature quite difficult to adjust. Therefore, before going to study MBBS in Russia, take warm clothes, thermals, Jackets and coats.

Social Life

Students studying MBBS in Russia are alone with no parent pressure, this is what can make a lot of student lose track and focus on their studies. This is what you have to figure out. Studying is the first thing that you’ve to do.

MCI Exams

You must ensure that you are practising for MCI exams right from 1st year. You can also take the on campus MCI Classes provided by some universities, tie up with the Indian MCI faculty. Many agents will tell you that MCI Classes are free while they may not be. This is why always take admissions through the reputed educational consultants.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is slightly high therefore, even for your local purchases like spices, veggies, clothes and other expenses can be costly when clubbed together. So, please ensure that you and your parents know that in advance.

Now, we hope you know about how life is for students doing an MBBS abroad.

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