Problems Faced by Indian Students Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Problems Faced by Indian Students Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Studying MBBS in Abroad is a major decision that students and their parents take. It is because the child or their kid would be staying away from the parents for six years to study MBBS in Ukraine. Apparently, even though studies and gaining the degree is the main focus, yet students may face issues every now and then. Having said that, there are both pros and cons of studying MBBS in Ukraine. But I am going to tell you about all the disadvantages or the problems faced by Indian students while studying MBBS in Ukraine, so that you take your decision rightly before you choose the medical colleges in Ukraine for Indian student.

MBBS From Ukraine: Major Problems Indian Students Experience

Weather Conditions in Ukraine

Not every student is same or as a person. Weather in Ukraine can really go to low minus 15 degrees. Therefore, it can be quite problematic for few students who may not be well adapted to colder temperatures. On the other hand, many students would like the same cold weather of Ukraine but it is not same for everyone, you see. It’s better you take warm clothes and jackets right from the first visit during your admission in the MBBS in Ukraine.

Food in Ukraine Medical Universities

As an Indian, you are bound to like spicy food or the vegetarian food, in case you’re vegetarian. But honestly, when you are moving to a new country, you cannot expect that you will get Indian food everywhere. It’s just not possible guys. A lot of consultants and Agents for MBBS abroad would fool the students stating the availability of Indian mess in the University, where you’ll be provided Indian food. However, that is totally a false claim. I am saying this because there are very few universities in Ukraine that offers or has Indian mess with them. These mess and restaurants are run by the local Asian and neighbouring countries’ people.  

If you are someone who like Indian food, then choose your University wisely and do not go blindly by the words of your agent or consultant. You can contact the university and ask the status of the food availability. A possible solution can be, you can cook your own food in the allotted kitchens of the medical school in Ukraine.

Being a medical student, you need to concentrate primarily on your studies and at times, you may not even get time to cook for yourself. Therefore, you must adapt yourself to the circumstances as the criteria should be studying from the best medical college in Ukraine

Therefore, guys, keep in mind, if you can cook your own food that’s well and good or if the University has student kitchens available.

Language Barrier

Majority of Ukrainians speak in English, however when you would be posted in the remote corners of the country, it would be a different situation (this would be during your internship). Local people over there, may not speak English. So you have to learn the language. In other words, to live a comfortable life over there, you must learn the language at least to the extent that you can speak, express and understand someone. This point is something that I will not put as a disadvantage for MBBS from Ukraine. Because even when you move to another Indian state or like in South India from north India, learning the local language always help not just for MBBS in Ukraine.

Cultural Differences

Now that you are going to a new country like Ukraine for MBBS, you cannot expect the same culture as in your country. Ukraine as a country is cultured however with western influence. This is why the people are down to earth and very warm but the difference in their culture would show up eventually and some of the Indian students may not adapt to that. Having said that, we do understand, millennial students are quite open to such cultural differentiation. So this. Is also not that as and disadvantages, though some parents can get concerned regarding this.

Social Life In Ukraine

How is life for MBBS students in Ukraine? Now, this is one of the most important and crucial thing that I mostly advice or would recommend parents to think at least 10 times before sending their kids to a new country not just for MBBS in Ukraine but to other countries like Russia, China and many other countries for studying MBBS abroad.

I am saying this because when is away from the parents there is no one to monitor or keep check on the students. And even though he or she is a medical student yet distractions are there. This happens everywhere where lot of Indian students gets carried away by the western culture of Ukraine. The night life, social gatherings, get together, hangouts and even visiting to new places in Ukraine becomes a part of life of students living over there.

There is nothing wrong when it’s done in moderation, however when parents are not there to keep a check , some can go to some other extent. It has also been seen that a lot of students instead of studying would just enjoy their life at the expense of their parents’ hard earned money. It’s not same for every student, but honesty majority of students gets carried away by the culture and influence from the other international students too.

Hostel in MBBS Colleges Ukraine

Other than that you need to also make sure that hostels for boys and girls should be separate. This means that there cities in Ukraine that have common hostel the floor is allotted to boys and girls. Not an issue by some students can get uncomfortable with that.

These are some genuine problems that can be solved and like student can get adapted to food, culture, language and the basic routine.

However, the social life can make student get distracted and some students can also find studies quite difficult. Then from there everything goes down the loop.

MCI Exam

As once students come back by managing to earn a degree from MBBS from abroad, they do not have any career in India until they pass MCI’s FMG Exam.

Reason being can be, they haven’t studied for the six years term but just for the formality of passing exams. But things would be different in India. You must know that without passing the MCI exam you are not allowed to practice anywhere in any of the government hospitals.

Analysing these problems guys, you must have a reality check that everything that looks very fancy and appealing is not the same. Other than the food, language and the other things that I mentioned are genuine and the other things parents must focus on.

We advise you to concentrate on the studies and prepare for MCI Exam right from the start of the term, then you will have a good career in India. We really hope you go and come back with a successful career as doctors.

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